Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Woodbadge Trainer

He kept reminding himself that scouting was not about camping but that camping provided the opportunity to teach the skills of scouting. Charlie called me the evening (11:00pm) when the activities were over for the day. I asked him how his presentations went and he said I think everything went fine but I learned a lesson today. "Simplify" That has been something he has focused on since then. I believe that lesson will bless his life.
This is the walking stick his troop surprised him with at the end of 6 days of training. The item on the left is the flag his troop made to represent their "Beaver" troop. I was amazed how fresh and energized he was after 7 days of camping and planning and presenting.

She has his new neckerchief and beads in her hands and is telling some woodbadge background.

This is the neckerchief he got last year for attending woodbadge. This is Kathy his troop leader who mentored him in earning his Woodbadge beads.

Charlie has been busy the past few months preparing to be a Woodbadge trainer. He went last year as a trainee and learned so much. He set his ticket items (goals) and completed them over the past year. He helped the scouts do skits on tolerance, wrote poems, read and prepared a brief powerpoint presentationof the life of Baden Powell. He presented the presentation at Scouts and then conducted some fun activities with the scouts. He also made some progress in his life history by adding several facets to his journal.
He enjoyed his troop last month as a trainer and this year praised the talents and kindness of each member of his troop. He enjoyed very much his association with the other Woodbadge leaders. Many who will be life long friends. He made several presentations there and I was so impressed by the skills taught. He has felt it was a life changing experience for him.


Brian said...

Dad looks like an awesome Scouter! It's fun to hear about all his Woodbadge stories.

Shanna said...

Good job to Daddio! That's such a fun thing for him to participate in. I'm glad to hear he's enjoying it and learning a lot in the process. Keep up the great work, Dad!