Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cousin Photos

Aunt Carol, Elise and Shawn
Donna, Elise and Shawn Bevan Hi Brian!

Shawn in taller than Uncle Carl now.
Proof that the family does have tall genes!

Spring In Idaho

Flowering Plum Tree
One of our Garden Boxes almost finished.

Rock waterfall in front courtyard.

See the pretty tulips for a few more days.

Spring is finally in full bloom in Idaho. Charlie bought a wonderful water fountain for the court yard by the front door. It makes a wonderful sound and it is a great compliment to the spring tulips there. Our flowering plums are in bloom which makes the whole yard wonderfully fragrant. We covered the garden when we went to Nauvoo but we still want fresh vegetable and tomatoes. We bought a book about Square Foot Gardening. Charlie built the boxes and we mixed the soil ingredients just as Mel suggested. He promised no weeds and wonderful harvest. We are ready to plant on Monday. Wish us luck. I feel a green thumb growing and Dad found his good luck gloves so we are sure we will enjoy success!

Carl & Carol visited Idaho for a few days. We had a great visit with them and shared some geneology and photos. Carl and Carol have spent alot of time the past couple of years organizing his life history as well as parents and grandparents. He would like me to update our family info and forward to him. I will be calling you. It was great to visit with Carl as he has been reading and researching Church history. I am so greatful for those who withstood the great challenges of the early church to make it possible to enjoy so many blessings. We had a nice dinner and visit with the sisiters.

Uncle Carl and Aunt Carol Visit