Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Wonderful Men in My Life.

My Dad as golden gloves champion in his early 20's.
Eldon & Clara near their wedding day.

50 Year Anniversary

Carl, Dad, Karen, Brenda, Mom expecting Janice, and Colleen about 7 years old.

I was blessed to have the most wonderful parents and in particular today I want to remember my father who passed away 11 years ago on June 7th. He was a great man who loved the Lord and knew that the Lord loved us. He tried very hard to live what he taught. He farmed and had a dairy farm for a living but he was a philosopher at heart. He loved to think about the truth and how we should apply its principles. He was strong but very gentle and a couple of soft spoken words from Dad could correct most any behavior. We certainly never wanted to disappoint our parents. They always expected the best from us. He believed that we should be taught correct principles and then learn to govern ourselves. He treated us with respect and the way he would like to be treated. He taught us how to work and set goals and never quit trying. Until we meet again Dad, I love you and we are trying to take good care of Mom.

Brad and Shanna at Disneyland this spring.

Brad encourages Shanna in her exercise and running enthusiam. He even joins in!
What we love about Brad is his quick smile and a quick "what can I do to help", followed up with "you got it". Thanks Brad for all your bring to our family.

Brad and his brothers are BYU fans and any sport on TV! He is pretty good at alot of sports himself.
Brad is multi-talented and enjoys being a chef. He has created alot of great recipes for he and Shanna. He loves to bake bread and clown around. That's why he fits so well in this family.
Most of Brad's family at seminary graduation for the triplets.

Brad and Ryan playing out their MBA dreams! Nice to have son-in-laws that love the same things. Sports, sports, sports, and Call sisters. One of my greatest blessings is the wonderful young men who became the husbands to the most wonderful girls in the world. (my daughters!)
They bring so much joy and enthusiasm to our family.

Thanks to Ryan and Julie we have these precious darlings in our lives that are learning from their Mom and Dad to be so loving and kind.

Ryan is very dedicated to running the very best business!
Way to go Jamba!!!

Ryan doing a back dive off the waterfall in Hawaii. Yes he is a little bit of a clown , too. He fits right in our family.

The Arfmann Family Maylie, Brianna, Ashlie

Ryan's Dad, Loren, with Ryan. What great friends.
Ryan loves to work hard and play hard. What a blessing you are in our lives.
Ryan has a gift for making other people happy. He and Julie are such a wonderful team they make our lives better because of the love they share and bring to our family. Thanks Ry.

To the Wonderful Men in My Life

His family is the center of his life. Daddy first!
Julie found this wonderful figurine when she was at Pearl Harbor and brought in home as a tribute to her brother.

We recognize his pursuit of excellence.
We are so thankful for a son who is willing to sacrifice so much to protect our freedoms we in enjoy in the USA!

A loving husband and thankful Daddy!

A special father-son moment. So many great memories! So much joy!
O where in the world will this boy go... Hong Kong, Baghdad, Iraq??? I never thought of that!

I love him for helping our family on our quest for eternity together. Salt Lake Conference Center October 2009 with Shanna and Brad.He's always ready to grow from a new challenge of Woodbadge.

You are amazing!

He's always willing to share and involve others in his love of music.

First of all, I would like to recognize my precious husband who always goes the extra mile to be kind to all around him. I love his quick sense of humor that keeps me smiling.
This is my favorite father-son photo on Nathan's blessing. The first son, of a first son, of a first son.

Only Grandpa could hypnotize the seaguls to join us for fun.

Grandpa the King Magician! What ever he can do to bring a smile and fun!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacationing with Friends & Family

Debbie Croshaw, Beau & Phil Burk, Charlie on the deck at Croshaws Lake house. We spent the memorial day week end with them. They have been great friends and travel partners for many years. Thanks Croshaws for the great house you share with all of us! Looking over the lake from the deck.

West Yellowstone with Julie and David Jorgensen. We went to the playmill and saw a wonderful play , "Guys and Dolls". Last week end all of Charlie's brothers and sister got together to help his parents move back to Idaho Falls. Julie and Dave had an extra day so we decided to join their vacation.

Cute Townhome

We purchased a new townhome right behind Edwards theater. It is so cute!
This is the exact one. It is still in the finishing process so I got to pick carpet and paint and tile. It has a covered carport and extra parking with a cute little yard in back and a large common play area. Most of the units are purchased by owners but we will rent this one out. I think I rented it today. There will be landscaping!


Charlie put this cute bridge in our back yard to connect our yard to the tennis court.
The broccoli really likes the rain!

Idaho Falls has received 3 times the amount of rain in the first 13 days of the month than it usually gets all of June! Yesterday the news said that Palisades reservoir was at 98% capacity. We have had to turn off the sprinklers at home and all the townhomes. Mushrooms were growing in the grass! Every where is a wonderful lush green. We even had to turn the water off the gardens. The plants were turning yellow from over watering. Can you believe this is Idaho in June? It is supposed to be sunny this week-end. YEAH!