Thursday, October 15, 2009


Julie and her friend Kristy, organized a 5K run to benefit two families who have members struggling leukemia. The run was called "Pay it Forward". They had several sponsors and one sponsor was the "Destination Homes" at the end of Sunnyside Rd. where the run was held. Dad helped direct the runners on the path and I helped with the Granddaughters who ran the mile race. Ryan had the Jamba trailer there and gave out Jamba's to the runners at the end of the race. It was a great success with all the proceeds going to these 2 families. They had alot of services and items donated so they held a raffle in conjuction with the race. Since neither Charlie or I ran, we wanted to donate to the cause, so purchased $10 worth of tickets. I never win at these things so I was hardly paying attention. Brianna ran the entire mile with Julie in the banana man suit. She was standing by me as they were announcing the winners. She said that her legs were tired and wanted to sit down so we went to the porch on one of the houses. I had just got out the tickets and started looking at the numbers when I heard 4420. It was my number so I cautiously said, " did you say 4420?" I expected to have won a massage or some Jamba cards, which I would have loved. Then Julie looked at me and said in shock. "You won the grand prize which is this bike. They had a little kid pulling tickets out of a bowl. Our name was not on the tickets but I still wondered if it was legal for us to win. They decided we bought the tickets and we had the same right as anyone else. Charlie and I looked at each other in disbelief then Ryan said come on Mom go for a ride. It is worth $3000. It is a Hawthorn "The Ride" bike. It has an amazingly smooth ride and is so comfortable. I've become a bike riding nut, going everywhere on the bike. Charlie thinks it is fabulous. We just have to say thanks to Jules for this fun run that turned into a fun bike for us. I can't wait to teach the grandkids to ride a big bike. Maybe it won't snow this week-end and we'll go for a bike ride to the Arfmann's. ( in Idaho Falls)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Amazing Mom

Mom, (Grandma Great) has been staying with Charlie and I the last few months. She had a fall early this summer and tumbled all the way down a flight of stairs. Amazingly only breaking one finger and one toe. Her whole back side was a giant bruise, but she didn't break her hips. Donna lovingly cared for her thru some painful weeks of recovery. This summer they investigated several suspicious skins lesions that the doctor was concerned about on her arms and legs. The dermatologist started conservative treatment on all of them but one large one on her upper left shoulder was a carcinoma. When we went to pick up mom from Donna, Tom and Charlie gave Mom a blessing. She was worried about the process. A week or so after she came to stay with us, we started treating it with a chemical that produced a burning, blistered, oozing, wound larger than a softball. The last 2 weeks were terrible. She couldn't sleep, she didn't want to eat and she was in pain. I want to say thanks to Charlie who helped us survive this difficult time. He is so kind and patient. I was especially glad he was around when the healing process started. Sheets of skin peeled off with the bandages no matter what kind of bandage we applied. I could hardly stand to look at it let alone scrub and dress the wound as directed. Mom is a amazing. The first couple of weeks of healing were not easy for her either but her appetite gradually came back as I think the chemicals came out of her body. I am sparing you how it looked at the worst but I am including a photo of how well she has healed.
There is really only one spot left that is open. If you can imagine the whole pink area a bloody, oozing burn you have a small picture of what she went thru. She is courageous and a wonderful example of enduring to the end. We are so blessed to have her as our mother.

Woodbadge Trainer

He kept reminding himself that scouting was not about camping but that camping provided the opportunity to teach the skills of scouting. Charlie called me the evening (11:00pm) when the activities were over for the day. I asked him how his presentations went and he said I think everything went fine but I learned a lesson today. "Simplify" That has been something he has focused on since then. I believe that lesson will bless his life.
This is the walking stick his troop surprised him with at the end of 6 days of training. The item on the left is the flag his troop made to represent their "Beaver" troop. I was amazed how fresh and energized he was after 7 days of camping and planning and presenting.

She has his new neckerchief and beads in her hands and is telling some woodbadge background.

This is the neckerchief he got last year for attending woodbadge. This is Kathy his troop leader who mentored him in earning his Woodbadge beads.

Charlie has been busy the past few months preparing to be a Woodbadge trainer. He went last year as a trainee and learned so much. He set his ticket items (goals) and completed them over the past year. He helped the scouts do skits on tolerance, wrote poems, read and prepared a brief powerpoint presentationof the life of Baden Powell. He presented the presentation at Scouts and then conducted some fun activities with the scouts. He also made some progress in his life history by adding several facets to his journal.
He enjoyed his troop last month as a trainer and this year praised the talents and kindness of each member of his troop. He enjoyed very much his association with the other Woodbadge leaders. Many who will be life long friends. He made several presentations there and I was so impressed by the skills taught. He has felt it was a life changing experience for him.