Saturday, December 13, 2008

Can the Grandkids stay and play?

Practicing for the Christmas program. We have a surprise for Mom and Dad.
Grandpa at his best building a play house for Ashley, dolls and trees.
Ashlie insisted on putting the miniature Christmas tree inside the doll house. At least that is what Grandpa said!

Fun on the beach with Kennedy!

Cousin parties!

Celebrating being home from Nauvoo this summer. We missed playing with them.

We wouldn't allow pillow fights, would we?

Play school for Brianna and friends. What cute Shepherdesses's.

Grandpa can be quiet with the girls, sometimes!

Come play at the park!

Spin us faster!!!!

They won't get dizzy.

Read to us Grandma, just one more. Okay!!!

Thanksgiving, the rest of the story!

Brad and Shanna at Island Park
Bundled up for 4-wheeling fun!

I ran out of time the last time I added to the blog because I am still figuring out how to do it. Sometimes I fiddle around with the details so long that I don't even get to do what I really wanted. But today is Saturday and Charlie is practicing with the "Firth Filharmonic " orchestra so I am not doing what I should be doing ( walking on the treadmill) and I am going to finish the blog I started last week. Welcome to the Croshaws, I see that she found our blog! I am still trying to access yours by clicking on the photo as you suggested but I am afraid that I must not be right or left clicking properly even though I have been instructed "how to" several times!
I hope any who view my efforts at blogging will be tolerant of a beginner and a grandma who is willing to try new things! I am getting used to looking foolish by now as I have been doing that for many years!
We did have a wonderful time at Island Park. It has been a tradition since the kids were in high school to go there at least for a few days because it seemed that was the only time they had free from school and it was a way to get free from all the extracurricular activities so we could spend some family time with each other. Now we rent an extra condo so the Arfmann's have a place to stay. We always have to do plenty of swimming and the tv still has essential football games and its an added challenge to cook thanksgiving dinner in a strange kitchen with strange equipment but somehow it always turns out fine! Although Charlie said the turkey was not as juicy as usual. I think he is just getting picky in his old age! Julie cooked her famous breakfast quiche for Wednesday breakfast, Brad baked an apple pie for the family, completely by himself, Shanna made a wonderful Pecan sweet potato pie for the big dinner and they all helped me do the rest.
May hands make light work. Of course the little girls set the table and helped clean up and sang lots of cute songs as we prepared.
We were especially grateful as we heard from Brian and Natalie that they were bringing Nathan home from the hospital. (For details see Natalies blog)
I had prepared a lesson for visiting teaching using the Ensign for November. I chose Elder Wirthlin's talk, "Come What May and Love It". I didn't know that I would need that advise so much over the next few days. We were shocked when Brian called on his way to the emergency with Nathan and said "pray for us". Then a few days later Brenda called and said my neices daughter was in the hospital with a head injury and said "pray for her". Just a short time later a heart breaking call came saying "pray for them". Their 20 month old daughter had passed away.
We want them to know that the comfort of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only healing power that can soften the pain of such sorrow. We do have to take what comes and learn to love it and find the blessings that come from our challenges. Our family will do all it can to soften the pain. Heavenly Father gave us family in times like these.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

More photo treasures of the grandkids.

Brianna and Ashley
Ashlie, showing grandma the pretty flowers which she thought were growing in grandma's front yard for her to pick and put her little nose right in the middle.

Precious glimpes of our jewels. Grandkids!!!

Nathan just a few weeks old.
Doesn't he look like he is ready to carry on a conversation filled with wisdom?
Nathan Charles, nothing so lovely as a sweet baby at sleep.

Kennedy in a "rock N roll" pose.

Big sister and Little Buddie. He looks so grown up!

Kennedy getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Celebration of a New Generation

Brianna and her mom at Island Park
Maylie at Island Park for Thanksgiving. She is so grown up!

We have been so blessed with the birth of our new grandson, Nathan Charles Call. We are looking forward to seeing him and his proud Mom and Dad and hovering big sister in about one month. It feels like much has happened since his birth but I don't want to go on in my blog until I have shared the most important happenings as we celebrate the lives of those that bless me and
Charlie so much every day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Celebrate Life

My mom, or rather Grandma Great has stayed with us most of the last year.

What a blessing to have her with us. She recently moved to Firth to stay with Janice. Our little granddaughters were so loving and kind to her and they still ask when she is coming back.

Who's yo Grandpa?

Ashlie went right to Adrian and gave him a big hug and laid her head on his shoulder just like he was grandpa. Then when Grandpa came in she just looked at them with the funniest look and dove in grandpa's arms and would not let go. She is a grandpa's girl.

Tyson & Kim with G&G Call

Julie & Leisel with Jacob and Hinckley.

Adrian with Parker and wife Carolina.

Julie & Ryan and girls with Great G&G and Charlie and I.

All the brothers and sisters with their mom & dad. Janet, Julie, Jacque, Kathy, Charlie, and Adrian.

I guess I will start the blog with the most recent events. Great Grandma Laura Call celebrated her 79th birtday last week. It has been a couple of challenging weeks for them. Two weeks ago Great Grandpa Charlie suffered a mild stroke and a broken rib. Last week Grandma Laura hit her head and split it open. The impact knocked her down and she has a bad lump on her head and bruised all over. We decided to counter act the hard times, we would have a party. It turned into a fun family reunion with Aunts and Uncles and cousins getting to know each other alot better. The kids ate and played and the adults ate and talked so it was a great success. Of course, plenty of cake and ice cream for everyone.

Times like these do make me reflect on the joy of life and reminds me to celebrate each day with our loved ones. Some people are concerned about what the future will bring. Brianna was worried about a "mean president who was going to take all our money". We had a nice talk about Heavenly Father being the King of the World, and if we do our best and make good choices he would watch over us and all our family because he loves us and he will help our families be happy and safe. That seemed to relieve her fears. I am thankful for the counsel of our prophet, the optimism and hope the gospel message brings to each of us.

I hope to add a few pictures of some of our adventures this past year. It has been a year I hope always to remember. At least this is a start. Thanks Jules for getting me going today. Now I just need to find some cute backgrounds and fun music and and and. At least it is started.