Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Amazing Mom

Mom, (Grandma Great) has been staying with Charlie and I the last few months. She had a fall early this summer and tumbled all the way down a flight of stairs. Amazingly only breaking one finger and one toe. Her whole back side was a giant bruise, but she didn't break her hips. Donna lovingly cared for her thru some painful weeks of recovery. This summer they investigated several suspicious skins lesions that the doctor was concerned about on her arms and legs. The dermatologist started conservative treatment on all of them but one large one on her upper left shoulder was a carcinoma. When we went to pick up mom from Donna, Tom and Charlie gave Mom a blessing. She was worried about the process. A week or so after she came to stay with us, we started treating it with a chemical that produced a burning, blistered, oozing, wound larger than a softball. The last 2 weeks were terrible. She couldn't sleep, she didn't want to eat and she was in pain. I want to say thanks to Charlie who helped us survive this difficult time. He is so kind and patient. I was especially glad he was around when the healing process started. Sheets of skin peeled off with the bandages no matter what kind of bandage we applied. I could hardly stand to look at it let alone scrub and dress the wound as directed. Mom is a amazing. The first couple of weeks of healing were not easy for her either but her appetite gradually came back as I think the chemicals came out of her body. I am sparing you how it looked at the worst but I am including a photo of how well she has healed.
There is really only one spot left that is open. If you can imagine the whole pink area a bloody, oozing burn you have a small picture of what she went thru. She is courageous and a wonderful example of enduring to the end. We are so blessed to have her as our mother.


callingallinglets said...

Oh Colleen, your poor mom. You know my grandma had something that looked like that. It was Belbus Pempighoid. I am not sure I am spelling this right, but it goes all over the body. It is very painful. You might ask about that. I hope she gets better.

Shanna said...

That sounds like a tough thing to go through. I'm so glad to hear that she is healing well. You are amazing, too, the way you cared for her and helped her during this difficult time. Now you need some rest, I'm sure!