Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Celebrate Life

My mom, or rather Grandma Great has stayed with us most of the last year.

What a blessing to have her with us. She recently moved to Firth to stay with Janice. Our little granddaughters were so loving and kind to her and they still ask when she is coming back.

Who's yo Grandpa?

Ashlie went right to Adrian and gave him a big hug and laid her head on his shoulder just like he was grandpa. Then when Grandpa came in she just looked at them with the funniest look and dove in grandpa's arms and would not let go. She is a grandpa's girl.

Tyson & Kim with G&G Call

Julie & Leisel with Jacob and Hinckley.

Adrian with Parker and wife Carolina.

Julie & Ryan and girls with Great G&G and Charlie and I.

All the brothers and sisters with their mom & dad. Janet, Julie, Jacque, Kathy, Charlie, and Adrian.

I guess I will start the blog with the most recent events. Great Grandma Laura Call celebrated her 79th birtday last week. It has been a couple of challenging weeks for them. Two weeks ago Great Grandpa Charlie suffered a mild stroke and a broken rib. Last week Grandma Laura hit her head and split it open. The impact knocked her down and she has a bad lump on her head and bruised all over. We decided to counter act the hard times, we would have a party. It turned into a fun family reunion with Aunts and Uncles and cousins getting to know each other alot better. The kids ate and played and the adults ate and talked so it was a great success. Of course, plenty of cake and ice cream for everyone.

Times like these do make me reflect on the joy of life and reminds me to celebrate each day with our loved ones. Some people are concerned about what the future will bring. Brianna was worried about a "mean president who was going to take all our money". We had a nice talk about Heavenly Father being the King of the World, and if we do our best and make good choices he would watch over us and all our family because he loves us and he will help our families be happy and safe. That seemed to relieve her fears. I am thankful for the counsel of our prophet, the optimism and hope the gospel message brings to each of us.

I hope to add a few pictures of some of our adventures this past year. It has been a year I hope always to remember. At least this is a start. Thanks Jules for getting me going today. Now I just need to find some cute backgrounds and fun music and and and. At least it is started.